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Before and After (2016-2019) 50′
for flute, clarinet, electric guitar, piano, and bass

Kindly Reply (2016) 4′
for brass quintet

Two Solitudes (2014) 11′
for flute, viola, and harp

Breaking Point (2013) 13′
for clarinet, trumpet, electric guitar, piano, string quintet, and percussion

One-way Trip (2011-12) 25′
clarinet, horn, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, and bass.

Short Winds (2010, rev. 2016) 10′
versions for wind quintet and saxophone quartet.
I. Wiggle Room 3′
II. Weaves 3′
III. Lick Machine 3′

Fighting Words (2010) 14′
for soprano, cl/b. cl, vln, vcl, elec gtr, piano, perc, drum kit

Scale 9 (2009) 6′
for clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion
also available for sextet (fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno, perc) and septet (fl, cl, vln, vla, vcl, pno, perc)

Velvet Hammer (2009) 6:30
for flute, clarinet, electric guitar, piano, acoustic bass

Short Orbit (2009) 8′
for piccolo/alto flute, viola and harp

String Quartet (2009) 14′
for string quartet

Little Green Pop (2008, rev. 2012) 10′
for sop. sax, ten. sax, tbn, elec. gtr, pno, perc, sound engineer

Hell-Bent (2006) 9′
for violin, cello and piano

Bad Wiring (2006) 5′
for fl, cl/b. cl, (doubling bass), vln, pno, 2 perc.


Emerald Oasis (2019) 8′
for orchestra

Dynamics (2016-17) 20′
for cello and chamber wind ensemble

Finding Time (2015) 19′
for chamber orchestra

Noise Gate (2013) 12′
for orchestra

In the Blue (2013, rev. 2014) 13′
for sinfonietta

Clunker Concerto (2011, rev. 2012) 19′
for percussion quartet on junk car parts and orchestra

Out of Line (2008, rev. 2009) 9′
for chamber orchestra


NEW WORK (2019) 10′
for two keyboards with dynamic microtonal pitch-mapping using Pianoteq

Come Again (2016) 10′
for two pianos

Shades (2015, rev. 2019) 10′
for alto sax and piano

Mezereon/Etude for Alto Sax and Prepared Piano (2015) 12′
for alto sax and prepared piano (transcription of Etude for English Horn and Prepared Piano)

Mezereon/Etude for English Horn and Prepared Piano (2012, revised 2014) 12′
for English horn and prepared piano


Elastic Loops(2007, rev. 2018) 20′ (original version 8′)
for solo piano

Chrysalis (2016) 12′
for soloist on piano and percussion

Wind-up Etude (2012) 5′
for solo piano

Teaser (2010) 10′
for solo cello

Oboemobo (2010) 7′
for oboe and effects pedals


Four Streets (2015) 30′
for percussion quartet

Burn-off (2012) 3′
for percussion quartet

Ruining Fusion (2008) 9′
for percussion quartet

Dawn Raid (2006) 9′
for eight percussionists


Boomdinger (2009) 9′
for laptop ensemble, video, and optional percussion
Collaboration with Cameron Britt.