Teaser (2010) 10′
for solo cello
commissioned by Mariel Roberts.  Recording from Roberts’ premiere performance.  Additional performances by Francesco Dillon, Christophe Matthias, and Richard Duven.

Whether in music, or story-telling, or dating, a good tease always seems to be about giving just enough of something to keep the one being teased – if not a bit ruffled and challenged – tantalized, and drawn into what the teaser is going to do next. Like that, this piece thrives on acknowledging the expectations it sets up and toying with them, and on continually reinterpreting its own ideas in mischievous and unexpected ways. The provocative and playful opening sets the tone for a piece in which music of extravagance, coquettishness, or naïvete, can quickly give way to that of plaintiveness, frenzy or derangement.
Though Teaser is not meant to be a theatrical piece, the performer is encouraged to physically communicate and exaggerate the large variety of affects and emotions inherent in the music.